Operator Ranks

Rank NameRank Description
Train ManagerThey will be in charge of all below grades and perform any tests to new T/O and will also perform duties when required.
Assistant Train ManagerAssists Train Manager in testing and training new train operators. Minimum 120 hours.
Instructor Operator I/OMinimum 100 Hours. They will train new drivers on rolling stock. When not performing the duty of I/O they will run normal service trains at their same rate.
Senior Train Operator T/OMinimum 50 Hours. Same position as below but will be classed as a higher T/O on the line.
Train Operator T/OMinimum 30 Hours. They will perform the day to day service. When a position of I/O comes up and hours have been complete they will be considered.
Junior Train OperatorMinimum 10 Hours after completing training.
In Training Train Operator T/OWould complete stock training with a I/O and complete their training.
New RecruitNew sign up and have not yet completed training.

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Control Ranks

Rank NameRank Description
Lead ControllerIn charge of developing policies and responsible for the smooth operation of runs and everyone in it. Responsible for the training and evaluation of controllers. Minimum 100 Hours.
Signaller InstructorMinimum 80 hours. Assist in training and evaluating controllers and deal with conflicts.
Senior SignallerMinimum 60 Hours to move to next grade.
SignallerMinimum 40 hours.
Junior SignallerMinimum 20 hours.
Signaller TraineeThey must have been any of the driving grades and be at least Senior Train Operator. They will have to complete their test with the Lead Controller and have a full session alone and an overview of the service.
Not ApplicableNot currently a controller.

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Tower Position Availabilities

RankSpots TakenSpots Available
Lead Controller2-1
Signaller Instructor01
Senior Signaller03
Junior Signaller05
Signaller Trainee06